101 Questions and Answers for the Cabin Crew Interview

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Mastering the cabin crew selection process is an art that you can learn. Your answers should be relevant, diplomatic and painting you in the best possible light.

In this book we will explore how to approach the cabin crew interview, whether in person or online.

You will get the most popular interview questions asked during a cabin crew interview, highlights to consider when formulating an answer as well as a sample answer.  It will teach you how to formulate suitable answers for the complex behavioral interview questions such as:

"What are the positive traits you don't have?"

"Describe a time when your work was criticized."

"What is the kind of person you refuse to work with?"

"Have you worked with someone you didn't like? If so, how did you handle it?"

"Describe a time when you had to deal with conflicting demands."

"Describe a time you were faced with a customer of a different background and you had to change the way you communicated and behaved towards them."

"Give me an example of a situation when you had to say no to the customer."

"Do you think a manager should be feared or liked?"

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101 Questions and Answers for the Cabin Crew Interview

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